Drohammad Seeds

Welcome to the Drohammad Seeds section of HighWrites! Here, you will find information on Drohammad, as well as some of his cultivars and seed offerings

My Journey

I first started growing cannabis back in the late 90’s, as a teen before graduating high school. My family consisted of many growers, and I loved to smoke weed, so I kind of fell into it. The endless varieties always intrigued me, how one plant could have so many smells, flavors, and different effects. I also had a passion for photography and capturing the beauty of the plant is an art in itself. In the early 2000’s I began ordering seeds, and becoming obsessed with all the varieties, and constantly gaining knowledge. I joined the forum on Icmag in 2008, after lurking for a few years, and began a journey of knowledge. I wanted to try everything and know everything there was to know about this plant. Combining plant genes to make new varieties was particularly interesting to me, and I would always chuck some pollen outside every year.

As my ability to judge cultivars increased, I became more focussed in my breeding direction. This led to me combining plants to pass specific traits, or get rid of unwanted traits through breeding. But while this was a great hobby, many of my friends began to request my cultivars, and soon I was getting requests online as well. So the reason I started the seed company was really to offer some of the genetics I create to my associates, fans, and anyone who is interested.


When it comes to breeding cannabis, I follow a simple code of ethics. This should go without saying for any breeder, but unfortunately that is not always the case. So here are some things to consider, in my opinion, when breeding. First and probably most importantly, give credit where credit is due! That means ALWAYS show the strain lineage of your cultivars. Naming strains is great, but the description has to show where the greatness comes from. Its just respect! Another one, don’t release untested gear without a disclaimer! I prefer to have mine completely tested before releasing, there is no need to rush something to market. These are just some of the ethics I follow. Remember, show respect and you get respect, a little communication goes a long way!

Anyway, enough talk on the breeder, let us look at some of the cultivars!



(Raspberry Kush x Sherbert) x GSC

Sureshot is what made me start selling seeds. For me it was the perfect cultivar, Checking all boxes. The smell is divine; loud skunky kush with a rich ripe blackberry background. The taste carries over, with the deep hints kush and grape liqueur. The reason this plant got me started is because everybody who tried it loved it, and everyone who saw it wanted it. I had to make crosses and some S1’s for my fans online and my folks in the streets. Also to preserve its greatness, incase it is lost or gets tired.

Wild Barry Kush

Blackberry Kush x Strawberry Diesel Kush(Fractal Genetics)

Cereal Killa

Sureshot x Lucky Charms(Bodhi Seeds)

Cremé De La Blue

Sureshot x Blueberry Muffin


Sureshot x Brandy Wine(Dungeon Vault Genetics)


Sureshot x (Pre98 Bubba Kush x LVPK)(Verdant Green Genetics)

Strawberry Lambs Bread

Lambs Bread x Strawberry Diesel Kush(Fractal Genetics)