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GSC x (Raspberry Kush x Sherbert)

Sureshot has been my biggest preservation project thus far. For me it was the perfect cultivar, Checking all boxes. The smell is divine; loud skunky kush with a rich ripe blackberry background. The taste carries over, with the deep hints kush and grape liqueur. This strain is unique and potent, everyone who tries it loves it. The mother was officially lost in 2021, once these are gone there will be no more created. I hope to find an S1 that matches up to her greatness.

Currently available FEM seeds from Sureshot reversal projects:

  • Runtz x Sureshot————-BullzEye 
  • Zookies x Sureshot————Hunter Smoke
  • Brandy wine x Sureshot——–Vibranium
  • Brr berry og x Sureshot——–Ice Giant
  • Aj’s sour d x Sureshot———Power D
  • Super lemon haze x Sureshot—-Lemon Shots
  • Gushmints x Sureshot———Vein Candy
  • Slurricane x Sureshot ———-Category 5
  • Waiting Game 16 x Sureshot—–Clock Out
  • Sureshot x Sureshot———–Sureshot S1
  • Grapefruit Bubba x Sureshot —-Grapefruit Shots

Runtz x Sureshot
8-9 weeks
Dense, dark purple colas with orange hairs, strong branches, easy to grow. Runtz gassy candy aroma with some added skunk fumes. Comfortable body high but still able to move, good for party’s or just taking a trip to the mall. Can be stupifying if you over indulge. Very relaxing, personal favorite sex weed.

Hunter Smoke

Zookies x Sureshot
8-9 weeks
Thick, chunky, caked up purple nugs. Doughy raspberry cookie aroma with gas fumes on the back end. Nighty night smoke, type to have you looking for the remote while its in your hand, then doze off before you use it. 


Brandy Wine(Dungeon Vault Genetics) x Sureshot
8-9 weeks
Named for the Extremely dense hardball nugs it produces, its silver metallic color, and the great vibe it produces. Strong branches with deceiving small buds that yield better than larger nugs due to density. High calyx to leaf ratio, easy trim. Nose ranges from a red wine and sour cookie to a SFV kush pungent funk. Laid back in the moment type of high, worry free and content yet motivated.

Ice Giant

Brr Berry OG(Purple City Genetics) X Sureshot
8-9 weeks
Tall plants with crystal spears, nugs don’t get very big but looks are deceiving as they put out a plethora of small dense nugs on each branch. Crisp smell of kushy berries, very refreshing. Nice hybred high, doesn’t knock you down but has a comfortable body.

Power D

AJ’s Sour D X Sureshot
9-10 weeks
Dense nugs with high calyx to leaf ratio, long internode spacing. Diesel and mixed berries, with some pheno’s having an astringent cookie diesel nose. Nice combination of head and body high, long lasting, functional if taken when ripe, can put you down if you let it go a little longer. 

Lemon Shots

Super Lemon Haze X Sureshot
9-10 weeks
Sureshot strengthens the structure and tightness of this cross while retaining some of the qualities that make SLH so great. Aromas range from lemon pine-sol to sweet and sour blackberry lemonade to skunky lemon cookies. Wake up and feel good herb, opens your eyes with a nice body high, like taking a shot and chasing it with the lemon squeeze! 

Vein Candy

Gushmints(Purple City Genetics) x Sureshot

Category 5

Slurricane x Sureshot

Clock Out

Waiting Game 16(Capulator) x Sureshot

Wild Barry Kush

Blackberry Kush x Strawberry Diesel Kush(Fractal Genetics)

Cereal Killa

Sureshot x Lucky Charms(Bodhi Seeds)

Cremé De La Blue

Sureshot x Blueberry Muffin
Out of stock


Sureshot x (Pre98 Bubba Kush x LVPK)(Verdant Green Genetics)

Strawberry Lambs Bread

Lambs Bread x Strawberry Diesel Kush(Fractal Genetics)


When it comes to breeding cannabis, I follow a simple code of ethics. This should go without saying for any breeder, but unfortunately that is not always the case. I always give strain lineage, and where parents were acquired. If I use another breeders gear in a cross, I give credit where credit is due. When it comes to smaller breeders I will always ask you before I push any seeds, Im always down for mutually beneficial breeding projects most cases we can work something out. Some cuts and seed packs come with stipulations, I honor them! I pride myself on my word and integrity, and my work is pretty damn transparent if you follow my IG.

If you bought it from me it’s yours, you can breed or do what you want with it, all I ask is that credit is given.